Will my response be edited?
Yes, our editors will work with the author to make sure the submission reaches its highest potential before print. The author-editor relationship is highly collaborative and might require some revisions and edits before final approval. We do reserve the final editorial right to keep each issue consistent throughout.

Can I write multiple postcards?
Yes you can! If you’d like to write multiple postcards, we will review them all. Depending on the submissions, we may select multiple, one, or none depending on submission load, quality of writing, or whether it relates to the theme. Everything will be communicated during the submission period.

What’s the purpose of the image element?
The image accompanies the author’s writing and provides a visual layer for the readers. The image aspect also opens up the submissions to those who are interested in the visual aspect of storytelling.

Can I address my postcard to someone?
If you would like to have a “receiver” that is completely acceptable as long as it relates to the theme. It can be addressed to a person, place or thing. It is not a requirement to address the postcard to a person, place, or thing.

Can multiple authors write a single postcard?
Yes, if the prompt inspires you to collaborate with others, such submission will be accepted. Please properly credit all authors.

Can you publish a postcard anonymously?
Yes, if an author wishes not to disclose their name, their submission is completely acceptable.

What if I don't have latitude and longitude coordinates of my photograph?

You can find the coordinates of any location on Google Maps by typing in your location then right clicking on the location. 

For specific questions email us at postmarked@risd.edu

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