Postmarked is an annual publication that showcases the interdisciplinary qualities of architecture through student’s writing and image making. Each issue will have a different theme that will both cross physical borders and disciplinary boundaries. The publication consists of a collection of ‘postcards’ written and selected by students engaging with the built environment on a local, national, or global scale. Postmarked namesake encapsulates our international student body population and to position the architectural discipline in different contexts.

current theme 

— ‘Sonder’

“It’s strange, I’m around all these people, yet I have never felt more alone… but also I have never felt more alive.”

For many of us, this existential feeling has not gone away even though the world continues somewhat crowdless. Perhaps this confrontation with social isolation is familiar to some, perhaps it is something that comes alive when we’re in a specific space, or state of mind, wading through this tangle that is life.

Postmarked invites you to compose a postcard pondering sonder—a spontaneous moment of realization that each passerby is living a life as vivid, complex, and precious as your own. Like the typical postcard, one side will showcase an image and the other side written text—both curated by you. Ultimately, these postcards will be shared with a community that continues to dissolve and expand the boundaries of their disciplines. No matter how simple or intricate, melancholic or pleasant, hilarious or mundane, we look forward to reading your account of sonder.


                                                        Brad Lei
                                                        Caitlin Dippo
                                                        Emily Yan
                                                        Jack Kostyshen
                                                        Mackenzie Luke
                                                        Mariesa Travers
                                                        Natalie Rizk

Graphic Designers
                                                        Aanya Arora
                                                        Jack Tufts

Outreach & Marketing 
                                                        Michael Farris

                                                        Aanya Arora
                                                        Michael Farris
                                                        Natalie Rizk

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